Sunday, July 20, 2014

Indians demand genuine Democracy

The Congress is in doldrums today as it gave up ideology and latched on to Dynasty. AAP never felt the need of outlining its policies and paid the price. The BJP which came to power by dubious means is also unsure of firm principles and direction. The RSS which loves backroom operation is famous for its reticence and befuddling the people. In such an atmosphere, the Democracy in India is a mere eyewash. Media debates are more like Reality shows chasing TRP than triggering any real discourse among the public. The Constitutional machine runs without any genuine participation of the citizens. State satraps are ruling like erstwhile zamindars without having to stir much from their chairs. Corporate giants take advantage of their inaction and are encroaching more and more areas for commercial exploitation.

A number of institutions including Parliament are not functioning properly in India despite our having a most elaborate Constitutional framework. Ill-educated persons are managing crucial operations. Instead of respecting expertise and excellence, mediocrity is being patronised. Transparency remains a distant dream as responding to public criticism is rare. Overall, those who are at the helm of affairs are taking advantage of the helplessness of the common people. If such is the attitude of almost all political parties, then a severe churning may not be too far away. The people of India have already waited for too long; they cannot be deprived of a true Democratic dispensation. [TNM55]

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