Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Mother's role in cementing a Judeo-Vedic project

From Magna Carta to Flipkart, the journey of human civilization is a long and interesting tale of intercourse between the East and the West. Those at the helm of affairs of our nation are grappling with the story of a glorious past and its relevance in the modern context. But, it's not an easy task as history merges with legends and Mythological fiction in many respects. Nevertheless, distilling timeless wisdom from our ancient texts continues to which Sri Aurobindo provided a great filip. The whole clue to the human future has not been monopolized by Science and Technology as of yet. Philosophy has a stellar role to play in moderating and reconciling disparate findings of Science emerging from time to time.

The West has made tremendous advances in all fields of human concern. But the Christian Mythology continuing is a shame for their scientific attitude. Even the best of Western Philosophy is simply a response to the Christian Ontology, either overt or covert. Most of Western Theory, similarly, are drawn from a limited geographical span and are constrained to that extent. For them, the rest of the world doesn't exist and this constitutes a serious handicap.

Sri Aurobindo was well aware of the importance of the West and sought to integrate its contributions with the ancient Indian wisdom. The Mother's role in cementing such a Judeo-Vedic project happens to be a landmark in India's history and this year, we are celebrating her arrival's Centenary. [TNM55]

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