Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Life Divine and the human scene

Money and Power are legitimate elements that drive numerous vocations. Producing Quality work or deriving self-satisfaction are secondary factors. Earning a living or raising a family occupies the top of priorities. Social work or pursuing Arts are rare occurences. Spending is still restricted and hence the economic benifits don't reach the common people in India. Professionalism in many branches of the Service-sector is missing. Patronising handicrafts and cultural traditions is not widespread. Intellectual pursuits are mostly confined to respective professions.

Philosophical interrogation in India is still derivative and original inquiries are nonexistent. The large body of ancient works, on the one hand, and Sri Aurobindo's encyclopedic interpretations, on the other, leave little scope for fresh studies. The mythological upbringing of most in India blunts the critical faculty. Only miracle-seeking is doing good business which offers maximum profit with least investment. Religious-tourism is bursting at the seams being a major source of entertainment.

The basic human problems, however, linger despite myriad isms intervening. Modernity has not helped much in alleviating human suffering. Ashram goings on have burst many myths surrounding the efficacy of Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga. In such a scenario, one is forced to rely upon whatever little Science and Medicine brings or the politician distributes. [TNM55]

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