Friday, July 25, 2014

Sai religion should go separate

The Sai Baba controversy of widespread encroaching upon Hindu temple premises promises to be interesting as well as intractable. This is perhaps the most formidable subversive attempt confronting the Hindu religion pushed insidiously. The Sai Baba empire has grown exponentially far and wide in recent years and certainly not by fair means. All kinds of corporate strategy has been employed to attract followers many of which were also replicated successfully in the recent Modi campaign. That man is succeptible to propaganda is a known phenomenon and whoever rides it can achieve his goal. Therefore, we have no complains against the Sai devotees; each person is free to pursue his faith. But the right course is to portray it as a separate religion and demand legal status as we Savitri Erans do. Else, corrupting another existing faith is not what decent people would do. Further, the question of real estate is also involved with cans of worms underneath.

Be that as it may, it's for the Parliament and the Judiciary to take a call but when it comes to personal level, changing religion, like in remarriage, leaves a scar. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, therefore, advise against swaying someone's faith. The so called Hindu religion has seen many reform movements and ideological wars but this Sai episode unfolds in a democratic, modern, and technologically sound atmosphere. Let's see how far reason and fairness prevails. It also poses a severe challenge for the RSS. [TNM55]

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