Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sri Aurobindo stitches his philosophy with Exclusive Concentration

It's an oft-argued point that Sri Aurobindo stitches his philosophy with Exclusive Concentration which has also roots in the tradition. But his ticking off of False Subjectivity takes away the humanizing element ingrained in the former. How to justify human action and initiative, therefore, entails a deep problem within his Ontological framework. The grid of Swabhava and Psychic Being accumulating chosen experiences further complicates the matter. Overall, the lack of autonomy on our part imparts a body blow to our individuality regardless of the lofty destiny outlined for it in the distant future by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Surrender, finally, cuts away whatever is left. This may hold good in the Ashram situation but outside, one encounters difficulties at every step. Managing an ambivalent social image of oneself is a highly tricky task which runs the risk of being questioned for sanity.

This is nothing new in the path of Yoga but most of the time extremities are avoided through minor-seeming compromises. But on close scrutiny, one is never sure whether the diversion was also intended. Fortunately, we have The Mother's will to fall back upon irrespective of the consequence but spate of failures can lead to dilution of faith. The role of extraordinary persons often generates jealousy and confusion. Why the spiritually oriented are deprived of similar success never receives a satisfactory answer. Whether seeking the highest knowledge has a debilitating effect upon worldly ambitions still awaits a suitable explanation.

The question of latest empirical findings finding accommodation within philosophical traditions is attracting attention. This possibility seems remote so far as Sri Aurobindo's broad-strokes are concerned whereas The Mother's Mind of the Cells can have certain resonances. Besides, the pace of science being piecemeal and disjointed, adjusting the same within an integral picture is too ambitious and reckless. Yet, such ventures do cater to intellectual games and philosophical acrobatics. The followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo would find no attraction for such outright speculations. [TNM55]

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