Monday, July 21, 2014

Sri Aurobindo torpedoed his neatly knit Metaphysics

Many on Twitter speak with finality and forget Evolution. Life is a continuous opportunity for learning and altering our prejudices. Therefore, staying attuned to the right wavelength is crucial. Adorno will say one thing and Ambedkar another. Baudrillard will take on tour through strange territories and Roy Bhaskar will bring you back to surer shores. There is a drift in every thinker. Sri Aurobindo himself torpedoed his neatly knit Metaphysics of The Life Divine by introducing the Mind of Light a decade later. A series of essays that started with the significance of the body took a flight to the Mind of Light so unexpectedly.

Each one will come to Sri Aurobindo from the standpoint of his own understanding and beliefs. It's so unique that none of us is able to convince another. Further, mere intellectual concurring is not enough, the heart too must acquiesce. But the task of reading is common to all of us regardless of how much one agrees or assimilates. The Mantra aspect is also invoked when we read the writings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. We may refrain from scouting for firm philosophical formulations in them initially and revel in joyful swimming instead. [TNM55]

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