Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sri Aurobindo gives the example of the monkey

RSS ideals, at present, are confined to building a Ram temple, a Patel statue, or running a Bullet train since the chances of establishing a Hindu empire covering the whole of South Asia seems remote. Sri Aurobindo's ideal, on the other hand, is human Perfection down to the lmmortality of body and Evolution of a harmonious community life. Obviously, there is a wide gap which appears unbridgeable but Sri Aurobindo gives the example of the monkey who never imagined man succeeding him. Even Google was unthinkable before 1998. Sri Aurobindo's objectives are thus political, practical, and truly materialistic; there is nothing mystical about it.

So, how to go about it? The Ashram model is merely a laboratory and hardly has any visibility or viability. The Internet, on the other hand, presents a huge opportunity to popularize the words of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and people at all corners of the world coming under their influence. It's a collective effort as no one knows whose tweet or post will go viral one fine morning. We are facing a most ambitious communication challenge in this case and may soon meet success by the grace of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. [TNM55]

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