Friday, July 25, 2014

Individual is the key, underscores Sri Aurobindo

Pushing the envelope is perhaps the most appropriate daily task for the puny human intellect that adds to the collective Evolution. Individual is the key, underscores Sri Aurobindo, in the sense of the agency but the final causal source he locates in the Supermind. So, despite our best efforts, we remain clueless about the goings on surrounding us. Besides, a dramatic turn or an aesthetic circumstance also surprises us from time to time. So, to draw a representative picture of human life is impossible given the diversity concerning history, geography, and culture.

Literature or Psychology unveil only a fraction of our thinking; the rest remain buried in our minds. Dreams and Movies further complicate the matter relating to imagination. All this are very much a concrete part of human reality to the secret of which we have no access. The Spiritual paths recommended by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo too don't assure success by an individual. Further, pursuing excellence in job or business along with Spiritual practice is a tall order. The Gender factor poses many more impediments.

However, the overall scenario is not so pessimistic from the human point of view. That man is the highest conscious being on the planet and hence any happy change will unfold for and through him is a matter of considerable hope. For instance, incidents of successive air-crashes this month is undoubtedly spine-chilling but there must be some higher purpose and better prospects for the mankind hidden behind it. The unseen hand of Evolution is a sure actor in our midst and deciphering its choreography should engage the maximum of our attention. [TNM55]

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