Tuesday, July 29, 2014

No better source than Sri Aurobindo

Power is a good teacher as RSS is undergoing deep contemplation over a surfeit of issues from FDI to Gay rights to GM seeds. It will also discover many virtues of learning English and other foreign languages. The younger generation will not accept its Mythology-based worldview and hence a rational Ontology like Sri Aurobindo conceives will be in demand. Searching for examples of an ideal society in India's past is an error since Sri Aurobindo points at the future Evolution. Uncritical assumptions are a bane of RSS mindset which is likely to metamorphose due to political compulsions. It has earned some expertise in running primary schools but now the challenge is to redesign Universities and Business Schools. Obviously, much more intellectual inputs are needed than shouting Jai-Shri-Ram slogans. But, it's a tragedy that RSS has been too niggardly in investing in this arena.

Secrecy is another flaw which RSS should do away with. Responding to current issues in a free and frank manner can make it come to terms with reality. Playing hide and seek as regards its relations with BJP should also end. Looking beyond our borders can teach its footsoldiers not to confuse Gaza for Gujarat. Overall, it must not impose its outdated ideas and instead, encourage the citizens to think for themselves and choose or change their own lifestyles. 

BJP too is learning and treading very cautiously. Becoming the mainstream ruling party in the 21st Century is not an easy task and being Democratic and transparent is still more challenging. Ensuring freedom and equal opportunity for all citizens is a sacred duty and BJP must never forget how it skidded in 1992 and 2002. As regards ideological anchorage, there is no better source than Sri Aurobindo and it is hoped that he will be adequately remembered on his birth anniversary on August 15. [TNM55]

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