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The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have already accomplished the metaphysical victory

The divine manifestation of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is an unprecedented phenomenon which can't be explained by past mythological instances or received metaphysical formulations. Parameters of perennial philosophy or speculative prophecies like eternal recurrence fall flat here. All talk of the Messiah, the Tirthankar or the Avatar is idle intellectual approximations.

The mystery of their physical life, meeting, and work on earth is nothing in comparison to what is yet untold about them and their global action to unfold. When the shackle of the ramshackle past religions shall start crumbling then we may witness a gigantic backlash. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have already accomplished the metaphysical victory. The praxis, alas, is but to follow to the peril of all ancient castles.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have already imbibed the leap in their embodied existence the consequences of which are simply unimaginable. Why and how their integrality is in the process of engulfing the whole world in spite of terrible defiance and resistance will be an interesting spectacle in the years to come. Savitri Erans must lift their flags high enough for others to spot and be a sport. [TNM]


  1. My response to Tusar Mohopatra’s comments is part of a more comprehensive analysis entitled ‘THE UNRAVELLING OF THE AUROVILLE CULT’ which may be read in its entirety at:

    …Those remaining devotees who have also rejected the higher knowledge but who nevertheless revile Peter Heehs and consider his book a betrayal of Sri Aurobindo are left no choice but to embrace a greater religious fervor and a heightened idealization of the guru. When one is dealing with disillusionment in the absence of real knowledge how else can they continue that level of commitment. Their gurus are gone, their teachings are being plagiarized and distorted by outsiders. People they respected and looked to for guidance have betrayed and abandoned them. The only option is to deny the facts and idealize the beloved out of all proportion. Tusar Mohopatra has provided us with an unmistakable example of this view when he writes:

    “ The divine manifestation of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is an unprecedented phenomenon which can't be explained by past mythological instances or received metaphysical formulations. Parameters of perennial philosophy or speculative prophecies like eternal recurrence fall flat here. All talk of the Messiah, the Tirthankar or the Avatar is idle intellectual approximations.
    The mystery of their physical life, meeting, and work on earth is nothing in comparison to what is yet untold about them and their global action to unfold.
    Savitri Erans must lift their flags high enough for others to spot and be a sport.” TM

    This is a classic example of someone taking their own unfounded hagiographic inflation to extremes. What is most revealing is Tusar’s desire to get away from all formulation, mythic or otherwise which allows him to believe whatever fantasy he likes without the inconvenience of having to deal with proof of his claims and the facts that support them. He does so by putting them “up there” on the Transcendent heights beyond the reach and explanation of mortal man. This is a perfect example of how devotees with no yogic experience and realization attempt to turn this epochal spiritual work into a Religion. What remains are un-provable pronouncements about Sri Aurobindo and the Mother solely derived from Tusar’s subjective devotional fervor. His hopes are pinned on the ‘years to come’ and any fellow disillusioned Aurobindonians who might rally to his flag. In a work characterized by objective knowledge and precision, this kind of unqualified ‘new age’ response is simply unacceptable. By placing Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on incomparable, unreachable Transcendent heights, Tusar believes that he is doing them a service but in fact, as we have discussed in this paper, he is contradicting the very purpose they came to achieve.
    If joining the top of the ladder to the bottom is the whole secret of realization and the work of the Avatar, Tusar has just yanked the ladder out from under them and made their stated evolutionary goal of the divinization of matter a virtual impossibility.

    … When Carter Phipps writes, ‘…the offices of EnlightenNext believe that the reason Sri Aurobindo’s work is not more celebrated is because his followers ‘view his work in such mythic and messianic terms’ regarding him as a flawless saint or Avatar.’ According to Phipps, students of Aurobindo and the Mother have a tendency to take this kind of hagiographic inflation to extreme heights. Given his limited understanding of Sri Aurobindo’s work and unfounded devotional hyperbole, Tusar plays right into this characterization.

  2. One who has mortgaged his intelligence to an astrologer, Robert E. Wilkinson is not exactly the ideal person to engage with in a debate, but his quasi-academic tone is quite enticing. Wilkinson wants me to go back to 21st Century BCE, but I have no intention to do so. I believe in the future and in every word of the Five Dreams delineated by Sri Aurobindo.

    Thanks to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo I feel liberated from all past religions and their tangled mythologies. Yes, I admit, that’s a great convenience. Born in a free country, I have the right to believe in my own beliefs, and no one need be troubled for that. [TNM]

  3. Aurobindo has clearly said that "the Divine is not only Transcendent but also Cosmic and finally Individual". This clealy proves there * has to be * a Third in the line of Avatars.Its amazing Mr.Mohapatra thinks otherwise. Clearly things are incomplete with just Aurobindo and the Mother. Aurobindo also stated he would reincarnate in the first supramental body. What is Mohapatra's view on that ?

    Also he has proved his own ignorance by launching ad hominem attacks on the previous poster. This clearly shows he has no answers to the questions being asked. The best way then is to attack and defame the questioner.

    "Born in a free country....right to believe in my own one need be troubled for that"

    While you have freedom to believe in what you want, its important you have right knowledge. One should not wallow in ignorance, taking advantage of the tolerance of hindus.And people who have correct knowledge are going to feel troubled when they see someone with wrong knowledge and would try to enlighten them. Thats an act of compassion and you would do well to recognise and feel grateful for it.

  4. OK. If at all “there * has to be * a Third” let him be democratically elected to the satisfaction of all devotees. [TNM]

  5. Tusar I have written the following response to your post aboveWaving the Flag of Cosmic Ignorance in the Face of Sri Aurobindo and the Vedic Tradition of Avatars. Here is an excerpt:

    'If [Tusar] had not closed himself off to further victories of the ‘Supramental Descent’ beyond the life and passing of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, he may well have written, ‘Savitri Erans should read Secrets of the Earth and consider for themselves whether or not the divine manifestation of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is in essence connected to an evolutionary arc stretching both far into the past as well as far into the future, – an arcing or cyclical progression that is embedded deep in the ancient texts and mythologies of the world. But clearly Mr. Mohapatra, Peter Heehs and many others in the Integral Yoga community have not exhibited an interest in understanding such a grand evolutionary arc, progression or continuity as is recognized in the Vedic/Hindu tradition of the Dasavataras. Such an interest would change the landscape of everything in their world for the better. They would, for starters, achieve a more profound understanding of the word ‘Integral.’ But alas, certain mindsets refuse to believe that a divine-consciousness could be so pervasive as to be capable of coordinating evolution ‘like clockwork’ or would be so precise as to follow a real schedule of progressive stages or ages of growth.'

  6. At the risk of further offending Mr Wilkinson (who I'm afraid gives away too much of his power by creating imaginary enemies), I have to say I agree with Tusar. Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's teachings are radically new and cannot be explained in terms of earlier formulations like the "perennial philosophy" (which is not to discredit the great wisdom and insights contained in the latter). And Sri Aurobindo said "my life is not on the surface for others to see". I also would also agree that very few understand the importance of their yogic accomplishments (this goes for all great Realizers, but for Integral avatars most of all). Perhaps I am missing the context of Tusar's post, but I really don't understand why he should be attacked for writing what he did. And is Robert defending or attacking Peter Heehs and Carter Phipps? Personally I feel that the Heehs biography, despite its shortcomings, does contain much of value.

  7. In these matters,what is important is Yogic Achievement.The Third is known by her unparalleled accomplishments in the field of Integral Knowledge. Aurobindo and the Mother were recognised by the strength of their Yoga. If elections were held, Aurobindo would not have polled a single vote even from a community of spiritually inclined individuals due to the radical nature of his ideas(descent as opposed to ascent). Its quite hilarious that you recommend elections to settle these issues.

    And why do you presume the Third has to be "him" ?

    All her devotees are fully satisfied and happy with the guidance and are feeling blissful

    Did Aurobindo appoint the members of Auroville as the official arbiters concerning spiritual matters ? Did he say all Avatars should first satisfy Aurovillians ? Do Aurovillians assume they are the greatest devotees of Aurobindo ?

    Also you never answered my question regarding the reincarnation of Aurobindo.

    May we also know some solid logical reasons why you wouldnt accept Thea other than comments like "astrologer" etc...

    Your blog is also very primitive.Posting is a pain.No basic functions. Please change it so ppl who want to post can do so more conveniently. Aurobindo stood for best of East and West (technology).

  8. Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's teachings are radically new and cannot be explained in terms of earlier formulations like the "perennial philosophy" (which is not to discredit the great wisdom and insights contained in the latter)

    I dont see how you can make that statement.Aurobindo wrote extensively on The
    Veda,Gita,Puranas and Tantra.And not to mention the Upanishads.If what he did was completely
    radical and different from what happened before,he neednt have done all this. He could have confined himself to writing about his work and concepts like The Life Divine and Integral Yoga and things like that.

    Aurobindo said he was building up on the past.He said what was needed was a combination of Vedanta and Tantra,the masculine and feminine coming together.And on the basis of this union he developed further.

    He also said that the idea of Supermind,the Truth-Consciousness, is in the Rig-Veda and one or two passages in the Upanishads,though only in seed form.Aurobindo developed it further through his own yoga.Aurobindo has also given a Supramental commentary of the Isha
    Upanishad.Especially the last sentence of the first verse,traditionally interpreted as "Lust not after another man's Gold" has been commented in a Supramental Way by Aurobindo.So these revelations of the perennial philosophy are going to exist in the gnostic society and they are going to be studied then too. Even the moralistic Ramayana !

    Also Aurobindo's Yoga includes both ascent and descent.The ascent phase is mentioned in the
    Hindu/Vedic/Sanatana Scriptures and they are connected to Aurobindo's Yoga.

    "In our yoga we begin with the idea, the will, the aspiration of the complete surrender; but at the same time we have to reject the lower nature, deliver our consciousness from it, deliver the self involved in the lower nature by the self rising to freedom in the higher nature. If we do not do this DOUBLE movement, we are in danger of making a tamasic and therefore unreal surrender, making no effort, no tapas and therefore no progress; or else we may make a rajasic surrender not to the
    Divine but to some self-made false idea or image of the Divine which masks our rajasic ego or something still worse"

    So there is both and ascent and a descent.The descent is the radical part.But vijnanamaya purusa,being of knowledge,is mentioned in the Old Scriptures.Aurobindo through his
    own Yoga developed the methods to bring down the Supermind.

    When Sri Rama came and espoused his moralistic ideology,and establised Sattwa as the basis of
    Human Life,I am sure He would have been thought of as doing something new ! He was the Avatar
    of the Mental plane. Then came Sri Krishna who proposed the radical ideas in his times of
    individuality and spirituality and made the clarion call to rise above good and evil and condemned the limitations of morality. He too was denounced as too radical and people must have suggested that he had nothing to do with sanatana dharma.Krishna is so completely different from Sri Rama and one can imagine the difficulty in those times of accepting him as an Avatar,especially if you were worshipping Sri Rama....but today both are considered as one and the same Avatar of Vishnu and are a part and parcel of Hindu Philosophical Thought. Krishna is the Avatar of the Overmind. In the Mahabharata,Ramayana is referenced, and this shows the continuum of the Avatars,the Mental and the Overmental.There is a connection between Rama and Krishna.They are the 7th and the 8th Avatars.

    Likewise there is a connection between the 9th Avatar of Aurobindo and the previous 8th Avatar of Krishna.This obvious from the experiences of Aurobindo in Alipore jail and also the Uttarapara speech. In that Krishna tells Aurobindo that he has decided to raise this nation to lead the world and delegates the task to Sri Aurobindo. There is an unmistakable connection between the 8th and the 9th.

  9. As to the status of Aurobindo as an Avatar,who else can fill the role of the Supramental Avatar ?

    The Supramental Plane exists right above the Overmental Plane and if Krishna was the Avatar of the Overmind,only Aurobindo can be the Avatar of the Supermind.Aurobindo engaged in bringing down the Supermind and establishing truth consciousness on the planet.

    Aurobindo while expounding on the famous Gita verse "Yada Yada hi dharmasya" viz "I Descend
    in every Age..." has mentioned that the purpose of the Avatar is not just to rid the world of the forces of injustice and tyranny (which can be better done by the Divine's agents,such as Kings,soldiers) but also to establish a new evolutionary force in this world.

    "Avatarhood would have little meaning if it were not connected with the evolution. The Hindu procession of the ten Avatars is itself, as it were, a parable of evolution." -- Letters on Yoga,Purpose of Avatarhood.

    And since Aurobindo did evolutionary work,clearly he is an Avatar.And not just that,but an Avatar connected to the Hindu Line of Ten,immediately next to Krishna and enjoying a connection with him as well.

    "Krishna is not the supramental Light. The descent of Krishna would mean the descent of the overmind Godhead preparing, though not itself actually, the descent of supermind and Ananda. Krishna is the Anandamaya; he supports the evolution through the overmind leading it towards the Ananda."

    Thus Aurobindo admits a connection himself.Connection with the Hindu Line of Ten and therefore a connection with the Veda & Upanishads and Puranas & "Perennial Philosophy" .Aurobindo is definitely a Sanatani and Hindu.
    And there IS "past mythological connection" and is a continuation of "earlier formulations".

    Its interesting to note that those who deny the Third also deny the First and the Second.Which indirectly proves that all Three make an INTEGRAL WHOLE.If its not a crude and blatant denial as Peter Heehs has accomplished,its indirect denial by saying he is beyond past mythic formulations and "idle approximations of the Avatar". Just sunder his link with the perennial philosophy and its concepts of Avatars and well you have denied the fact that he was an Avatar. But you do this in a very sophisticated way, by "crediting" him as someone radical and stating he was "beyond" and things like that , but the upshot of it all is he is no longer an Avatar ! And you take umbrage at Peter Heehs books !

    [ One may mention here also the fact that he reached the Advaitic Plane of Realization in just three days,something no ordinary human can do ]

    Einstein never declared himself to be a genius but it is obvious from his work. Likewise A's Avatarhood is obvious.

    "Personally I feel that the Heehs biography, despite its shortcomings, does contain much of value."

    As much value as a biography of Einstein which denies he was a scientific genius because he himself never said that !

    There is practically no difference between Saviri Erans and Peter Heehs admirers. Both are Avatar deniers.

  10. Tusar, this is an absurd and almost atrocious idea, to suggest that the members of the Solar Line are "elected" by the opinions and whims of mortals or that the work of the Solar Line is to be done to the "satisfaction" of their limitations and ignorance.

    The Work of the Avatars proceeds in spite of all human ignorance; and it is in, fact, BECAUSE of human ignorance that they take birth, to lead and uplift the evolution. Human sentiment has no place in these affairs. Nothing your mind or vital, or the mind and vital of any other so-called devotee, can do can prevent the success of Their Work.

    Sri Aurobindo was an avatar, and even if the entirety of mankind doubted so, that still could not alter the fact. The proof of the Third (3) is in Sri Aurobindo's very symbol, as Robert and Thea have recently been pointing out: beneath the central lotus which contains 9 petals (representing Sri Aurobindo, the Transcendent divine) and the 6 petals beneath them (the Mother, the Cosmic divine) there are 3 leaves representing the Third, the Individual divine; God, the Universe and Man (the soul). This numerical formula of the 9-6-3 corresponds to the number powers of each of their birth years: 1872=9, 1878=6, 1938=3, as well as the number of letters and the number power of each of their names.

    Thus you are denying the truth of Sri Aurobindo's very own symbol, which the Mother herself prepared. What you called the "satisfaction of devotees" is an absurd notion has nothing to do with the truth of the supramental descent. You are denying the essence of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's missions in their own names, severing the Solar Line in half and consigning the supramental to death in Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's tomb, or else the shadow-temple in Auroville.