Friday, December 30, 2011

All life is divine

[The Life Divine projects this life as a game of gamble, where the immutable Spirit has thrown itself in to the mutable Matter, this bodily mansion, as great adventurer with destiny’s dice.
Sub: January 2012 issue of The Descent/Second revised Hand Book of The Life Divine. ]

It's surely a labour of love on the part of the compiler, but from the reader's point of view, this abridgement doesn't make The Life Divine any more accessible. Same is the case with the blog postings by sriaurobindostudies. Further, such compilations take away the charm of Sri Aurobindo's prose. Theme based commentaries and comparative metaphysics in concise form, rather, can engage new readers and stimulate thinking.

Thanks, however, for turning the focus on this incomparable book and its compelling content which each and every student should return to. [TNM55]

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