Friday, December 30, 2011

Manifestation matters

Combing the Net and watching its growing reach since 2005 has, understandably, been educative in a number of ways. But, absence of people advocating the worldview of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo has come as a great disappointment. Not a single journalist or columnist, not a single scholar or public figure in the whole country today speaks for Sri Aurobindo. What an opportunistic disdain for authenticity and quality! What a gigantic tragedy!

Centres across the country are busy with building construction, tax exemption, or such other mundane activities. Wellness retreats on contributory basis is a hot option for many institutions now. Education and culture remain the priority areas while much timidity prevails to take up social causes or rake up political issues.

The salience of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo lies in the fact that they are more interested in the manifestation and not in the occult alone. This almost matches with the definition that Politics is the art of the possible. Thus, if our objective is facilitating a harmonious collective life upon the planet, then politics as its dominant means can't be eschewed or overlooked. Besides, mistaking meditation as the sole tool of perfection also needs to be brought home. [TNM55]

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