Saturday, December 24, 2011

Aspiration is propelled by the emission of the past

It is said that there is no better way of learning a new language than start speaking it. The same holds true for aspiration, the cornerstone of Integral Yoga. Life is full of hopes and ambitions, no doubt, but aspiration for something unimagined and impossible is surely a heroic task. Further, to sustain it over the years and valorise it against all odds is no mean job.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have been categorical about this first and foremost necessity. Perfection is our birthright; we must achieve it. Harmony is our destination; we must arrive there. Such intense aspiration, however, is best propelled by the emission of the past. By cutting asunder all ancient shackles that we may hope to move towards a splendid destiny for the mankind. [TNM55]

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