Wednesday, December 14, 2011

India must follow Sri Aurobindo and not Anna Hazare

The mock Parliament held at Jantar Mantar the other day by the Hazare brigade is a sad event. The fate of 121 crore of people can't be left to the whims a handful of half-literate activists. Sri Aurobindo has told us of his vision and dreams for this country as well as the world. India must follow him and not Anna Hazare. Knowledge must rule and not ignorance. The youth of this country must be persuaded not to go for easy solutions and seek enduring results, instead. Populist and publicist methods might be successful for some time, but there is no substitute for sound theories. Savitri Era Party is assured of the fact that in the hands of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo only lies a safe future of the Indian people. [TNM55]

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