Monday, December 26, 2011

Salvation vs. Evolution

A myth propagated by the traditional yoga systems is that the seeker will hit the jackpot some day and have Self-realization. In Integral Yoga, on the contrary, progress is continuous and cumulative with no particular date as destination. Thus, while traditional yoga employs the bait of personal accomplishment, in Integral Yoga the motivation is collective and curative. This ontological dichotomy ensues from the premise of Moksha or individual salvation vs. universal evolution.

Further, meditation and other techniques of yoga are indispensable for old systems while Integral Yoga primarily relies on surrender. The bottom-up Kundalini of the old is perceived in Integral Yoga as the Grace acting from above in top-down fashion. Overall, instead of personal askesis, Integral Yoga is anchored to the Divine will and in being a willing participant in its progressive manifestation. [TNM55]

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