Tuesday, January 24, 2012

18 minus

A home-tutor once commented that the school-goer is his employer. The ubiquity of children appearing in tv-ads also tells how they are crucial to sales. Since the shape of the future society leans upon the young of today, passing on the ethical values and the rationale thereof onto them assumes importance. It is, of course, debatable whether the human goodness is intrinsic and unfolds from the beginning or socially useful skills need to be inculcated in children in a structured manner. Be that as it may, the thought that our fate lies in the hands of the youngsters strikes as a bit disconcerting.
Bulk of political thought, ordinarily, leave out the ambition of women and children from its ambit. While men blame the Government or God for the ills of society, women blame men, and the children their elders. The dynamics of empowerment, therefore, is a much more complex affair than what is understood superficially. Monochromatic political ideals may be surviving due to university sponsorship, but the social reality is otherwise. The age of majority, too, needs lowering in view of inescapable exposure to visual media and social networking avenues. [TNM55] 

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