Monday, January 23, 2012

Anchoring power to ethics is a tall order

Accommodating maximum participants in cultural programs put up by schools is a common phenomenon. Proliferation of civil society organizations, also, is indicative of rewarding more and more people with positions of power or recognition. The Democracy machinery, similarly, employs too many people. Election campaigns and the media vigil multiply it manifold. Thus, while this participatory nature is a welcome feature, wide asymmetry in incentives and risk of rejection make it a virtual minefield.

Further, anchoring power to ethics is a tall order for the players in a democracy (while in monarchy the ruler used to enjoy liberties of various forms). Besides, the multiple tasks that are expected of an elected representative is simply Herculean. Thus, a major cause of the ills of democracy is this imagined version of a human being turning an ideal community leader as well as a skilled law maker. This, of course, can happen by transformation of human nature. [TNM55] 

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