Sunday, January 08, 2012

Why this worship of obsolescence

The great perplexity pertaining to form and formlessness dividing various religions was settled by Sri Aurobindo by The Mother's presence. All theological taxonomies and mythological hierarchies were amended thereby by abandoning copious cobwebs. A simple consent for surrender to her with the will for transformation is all that he prescribed as Sadhana or Yoga.

But the human propensity for chasing complexity and digging into the past is a severe drawback in this context. Worshipping obsolescence and ancient relics in the name of culture and tradition is nothing but a bondage. Commodification or political exploitation of the same might be paying decent dividends to those with vested interests, but to impose it upon the younger generation is, apparently, an injustice.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo prod us to think anew and eschew the skewed rhymes and reasons of the old. No mediation is needed to commune with them nor any contraption or technicality; and, humanity heaves a sigh of relief. [TNM55]

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