Friday, January 27, 2012

Ambition and ambivalence at Fifty six

A blog, by definition, is personal and informal, and so, it is no surprise that my personal views and opinions reflecting my hopes and ambitions find expression in it. These, I think, are quite valid activities for an individual under the Constitution of India, and hence, I fail to understand why I shouldn’t be entitled to any higher ambition at the age of 56. 

It is also no secret that my posts harbour ample ambivalence and incoherence which I attribute to my modest education, average intelligence, and limited memory. This, obviously, is normal of human condition and finitude as theoretical finality has not been achieved in any sphere of knowledge, as of yet. Interrogating the teachings as percolated through my own course of life and permeated into the intellectual itinerary, therefore, has been a priority rather than an anodyne parroting pastime.

While being thankful for the attention showered (by devoting so many pages after as many years), I’d like to emphasize once again that the ivory tower approach is pathetically outmoded. Pretence of superior perception and prognosis by barely a handful of people is absolutely unbecoming of the needed humility, dignity and soberness. [TNM55]

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