Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Perennialist argument spreads confusion

We wouldn't have known otherwise, had The Mother not told us specifically, who was Hitler, or who is Sri Aurobindo, for that matter. She thus is the saviour, she the standard bearer, and she the usher of the next evolution. Simply to follow her is all that is asked of us. Analysing and judging this invitation is, however, beyond human intellect.

The perennialist argument, in this context, poses the most dangerous confusion. All religions of the past are sacred for them but a new one is suspect. Words of all teachers are welcome and their cocktail is valued more than the solitary. A pantheon of gods and gurus is what they long for and in whose company they derive the maximum solace.

Spending time in a joyful state and working willingly for facilitating evolution are, however, two separate attitudes. The Yoga of Transformation warrants dynamic meditation and voluntary collaboration. This planet and one's environment is the lucus of action and our means is not mere contemplation. Understanding this basic difference is important as the cumulative value that accrues is crucial for moving forward. [TNM55]

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