Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hour of prudence

[There are so many imponderables in life, aren’t there? ... Why is abbreviation such a long word? Come to think of it, why does the word monosyllabic have 5 syllables? And shouldn’t “phonetics” be spelt the way it sounds?!]

Human devised solutions to the issues such as currency, morality, rights etc., will always be unequal. This is not an opinion, it is His (nature/universe) law. He has designed us differently (similar only in race), this universe is uniquely dual and its chaos are loaded with benefits... He has given His creation the adaptability to adjust to the realities of their situation. Fake bleeding hearts and false hope generating exploiters remain the only constant impediment. Nirmal S. Nilvi, Texas]

Democracy is a work in progress and serves as a good sounding board for various hopes and aspirations of people. But chasing achievable goals is a much more prudent option than promising chimera. The same is the case with the so called spirituality. Many print and video publicity materials relating to Integral yoga use the pictures of galaxies and other geographical complexities which intimidate people. Thus, humanising the principles of yoga is more important than describing weird experiences that convey impressions of neurosis. [TNM55]

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