Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sri Aurobindo and secularism

[Sukumar Muralidharan: Redefining the Secular in Indian Society: It was “logical” to have accorded a degree of priority to religious harmony, given the reality of Indian society, where multiple religious traditions had at various times sprouted and flourished. But the notion was not sufficient to achieve a truly inclusive social order. “For realizing inclusiveness, cultural plurality is not sufficient”, said Panikkar: “what is essential is cultural equality”. 12:55 PM 1:06 PM]

Setting liberty and equality against each other serves well as fodder for endless seminars while the society runs in its own manner. Concerns, though legitimate, can hardly be said to be anywhere near being achieved and hence seem purely utopian. Sri Aurobindo, however, offers the golden mean and assimilating his insights is what is sorely needed. [TNM55]

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