Friday, January 06, 2012

Savitri Era Party is against normlessness

From: Tusar N. Mohapatra
To: Arvind Kejriwal
Date: 6 January 2012, 13:25
Dear Kejriwal,
This is in response to your inviting suggestions in TOI, today.

While disagreeing with the assertion, "There is just one agenda," may I propose that there are no shortcuts. One thing leads to another in collective life and in this journey a political party is the most appropriate means for grappling with public affairs within a democracy.

In fact, Savitri Era Party, devoted to the ideals of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and occupying the "middle space" you mention, can be a potent option for fighting the prevailing normlessness in the society as well as the government. Thanks. [TNM55]
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

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