Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Katju quoting mythology

Katju quoting mythology for justifying current social phenomena might be part of his penchant for culture, but valorising the past is not a value neutral exercise. Superstitions and suppression of critical reasoning also come with the bargain which is injurious for the younger generation at an impressionable stage.

Further, appreciating the distinction between history and literature is an important parameter for applying ethical yardsticks and preventing anomalous inferences such as the word Oedipal has wrought to modern theory. Wild and colourful imaginations as regards the dialectical stance with the progeny has polluted the philosophy of religion and allied fields. Tedious and painstaking anthropological studies are often used as authority for such speculative enterprises. Caution, therefore, is the only recourse and discretion the better part of valour. [TNM55]

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