Thursday, July 16, 2009

377 thanks to Karan Singh-come-lately

[A judgment for India
Karan Singh Tags : Indian Penal Code, sec 377 : IE » Story Thursday, Jul 16, 2009. We are perhaps the last liberal-democratic country in the world to have decriminalised gay sex, and now join 126 countries around the world that have already done so. This will come as a long-awaited relief to a particularly vulnerable section of society... The argument that this is against nature is also not viable. To begin with, for the gay or LGBT community, their particular lifestyle is apparently as natural as heterosexual relationships are to the rest of society. Also this argument of nature can be pushed to extremes. It is not “natural”, after all, to wear clothes; or to eat cooked food. Nature is much more varied and inclusive than many realise, and alternative sexuality has been found in almost all cultures, ancient and modern, around the world. It is often forgotten that some of the greatest artists and musicians, rulers and conquerors, philosophers and poets in history have been gay or bisexual... To conclude, therefore, one can say that the historic judgment of the Delhi high court marks a positive step in widening the scope of our inclusive democratic structure, and rescuing millions of citizens from the shadow of an archaic and outmoded colonial legacy. The writer is a Rajya Sabha MP]

377 thanks to Karan Singh-come-lately, his "liberal-democratic" record during the emergency notwithstanding. [TNM]

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