Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nostalgia is now the only industry in Kolkata

[In 19th c. Calcutta, the subjection of Indians under British colonialism spawned the bhadralok population, which did not remain entirely determined by their colonizers but developed their own sophisticated critiques of the Enlightenment, whose potential has still not fully been played out. Sri Aurobindo himself is part of this counter-culture. Re: The Violence of the Global by Jean Baudrillard Debashish Mon 27 Jul 2009 11:26 PM PDT]

[Distance lends enchantment to the bhiew. "Cal' nostalgia is a major industry in this mushy 'Mitra Mandal'. In Kolkata, of course, nostalgia is now the only industry. Home > Nostalgia~ gently simmered By: mid-day Date: 2001-12-23]

Long live nostalgia! [TNM]

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