Monday, July 13, 2009

Sonia Gandhi’s Congress is a slap on the face of Indian democracy

[Tharoor rushes in where Cong fears to tread Shashi Tharoor may have entered Parliament on a Congress ticket, but he does not seem to be conversant with the party’s unwritten rules. Few Congressmen discuss party president Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin, but Tharoor has no such qualms. Earlier, his not-so-generous references to the Nehru-Gandhi family in one of his books, in which he also called Sonia “Cinderella of Orbassano”, had caused much unease in the Congress. Last week, speaking at a seminar in the Capital on “Globalisation: The Human Imagination”, Tharoor emphasised his point by citing how a “Roman Catholic of Italian origin” has become the Congress president, a Sikh is the Prime Minister and a Muslim is the Vice-President. His reference to Sonia’s foreign origin was greeted with complete silence from the audience, which also comprised party leaders like Kamal Nath, Digvijay Singh and Sachin Pilot. The Indian Express Monday , Jul 13, 2009]

Sonia Gandhi’s Congress Party is a slap on the face of Indian democracy. It is silently corroding the body politic with people steadily losing their dynamism and determination. It's time citizens refuse her sedative. [TNM]