Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Racing round the universe riding on a mouse

[Jul 21, 2009 (title unknown) from enowning by enowning
Critchley, B&T, week 7. The inauthenticity of blogging.
"for Heidegger, inauthentic life is characterised by chatter – for example, the ever-ambiguous hubbub of the blogosphere. Conscience calls Dasein back from this chatter silently. It has the character of what Heidegger calls "reticence" (Verschwiegenheit), which is the privileged mode of language in Heidegger. So, the call of conscience is a silent call that silences the chatter of the world and brings me back to myself."]

The meditative mode of blogging, on the contrary, can play a cathartic role too. [TNM]

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