Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Debashish Banerji is a hardcore Leftist

[The real question here...is what is being protected and who is doing the protecting? Is it a simply established thing? Is it changeless? What to accept as needing to be protected? Who decides that? As soon as we speak of protection, this question arises - who is making the proposal and on what grounds? Outside of the founder of an ashram, these are contested realities, because we have entered the realm of interpretation. Re: Fascism and False Guru Sects (Kheper.net) Debashish Sun 12 Jul 2009 11:56 PM PDT]

[Today the being who was known as The Lord of the Nations has arisen in the world as blind religious orthodoxy. It has been so able to rise due to the global Empire of neo-liberal capitalism which is at its penultimate stage in assuming ubiquity in world civilization. The answer to this situation which could have come from the Sri Aurobindo ashram has not come. Re: Surendra's letter to Sraddhalu Debashish Mon 13 Jul 2009 07:29 PM PDT Science, Culture and Integral Yoga]

Finally, it is clear that Debashish Banerji is a hardcore Leftist. His prophecy of "penultimate stage" is preposterous as well as gratuitous. His inveterate antipathy for religion, however, is understandable. Savitri Erans must strive hard to rescue Integral Yoga from the guardianship of such pretenders. [TNM]


  1. Quite interesting indeed. Debashish cries foul when the Asuric label is used against Peter Heehs but now he is reusing the same label to justify his own opinions. Everything Debashish says is also a contested reality. Let him not be so cocksure lest he be proved wrong later.

    The best way to understand Peter Heehs is to observe Rich Carlson. They are cut from the same cloth. One has put his opinions in a book and the other expresses those same opinions on that blog.

    1. They view the Mother as just a ordinary woman, an appendage to Sri Aurobindo and a non-intellectual who engaged in devotional theatrics.
    2. They look down upon the devotees as inferior and backward people.
    3. They trash the direct disciples for not having any critical thinking skills.
    4. They claim to be independent and objective (read that as opinionated) scholars.
    5. They claim to be practitioners of Integral Yoga though they refuse to accept another human being as their Guru.
    6. They (or their physical minded ego) refuses to accept many of Sri Aurobindo's statements derived from Yogic experience.

  2. lets face it..the americans are stupid and complete idiots where spirituality is concerned...lets just call a spade a spade...
    This is what the Mother said in the Agenda.
    Disciple "The Americans have so little discernment. They rush headlong at anything".
    Mother : "Absolutely no discernment".

    If we ask the Americans to leave Ashram and Auroville there will be peace all around. Moreover Peter Hees can start his own ashram with his new disciples.

  3. True, one should call a spade a spade sometimes but we (not having Mother's awareness) should resist such extreme characterization. Rich Carlson is not representative of americans many of whom are very sincere. I believe he has little or no real affinity for Mother and Sri A. And if we characterize all americans as we would RC, then RC would have suceeded in misleading us.