Friday, July 24, 2009

Put one foot in any non-Western tradition, just to make your world larger

[For American students of continental philosophy in particular, it’s also important not to get too sucked into Europhilia. The world is a lot bigger than France and Germany, rich though their intellectual traditions obviously are. It’s a good idea to put one foot in any non-Western tradition, just to make your world larger. Interview with Graham Harman Tuesday, July 21, 2009 anotherheideggerblog 11:59 AM]

[There’s a very real sense in which the possibilities of Continental philosophy have exhausted themselves and the time for something new has arrived. This exhaustion isn’t simply to be located in the dearth of research possibilities in academia afforded by traditional orientations of Continental thought, but more importantly by the situation we face in the world today... We need conceptual tools that will allow us to more effectively think these things... The best philosophical work of the last century has been done outside of philosophy in sociology departments, literature departments, media studies departments, etc. These people are encountering the real in a way that provokes the development of theory. We seldom see philosophical innovation coming from within philosophy departments themselves because these are places where philosophy has been divested of its others and therefore is only able to comment on texts and highly codified problems that have evolved into language games... Blogging is genuinely a new form of writing, thinking, and intellectual engagement when done properly. Interview with Levi R. Bryant Thursday, July 23, 2009 anotherheideggerblog 12:37 PM]

[Jul 21, 2009 (title unknown) from enowning by enowning Critchley, B&T, week 7. The inauthenticity of blogging. "for Heidegger, inauthentic life is characterised by chatter – for example, the ever-ambiguous hubbub of the blogosphere." 6:04 PM]

Let an East-West synthesis emerge from the "hubbub of the blogosphere." [TNM]

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