Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heehs may upgrade his rating of Sri Aurobindo

[Sri Aurobindo, whose vision was enlarged not only by the classics in English and French, but also the Greek, Latin and German literatures would point out that one should not stick to modern standards, and modern measuring rods of moral and spiritual perfection for the Avatar. The ancient avatars, in his view, were representative cosmic men who were instruments of a divine intervention for fixing certain things in the evolution of the earth-race. Karunanidhi, Ramayana and Rationalism Vamanan's Sight
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The same logic should apply on Sri Aurobindo himself and Heehs be exonerated provided he upgrades his rating of Sri Aurobindo as avatar. That should be a small price to pay in order to escape the current inconveniences. [TNM]

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