Monday, July 20, 2009

Sub-prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

[Concept Note: New India Policy Foundation : Friends of BJP ...
by rajesh - India since Independence has seen politics of convenience, one that is driven by individual preferences and often catering to compulsions of electoral politics. In the process, public policy-making and delivery are severely compromised. It is ironical that the Congress party has at its convenience oscillated from opposing Socialism to being a strong proponent of it and then embracing free markets when driven by compulsion... Likewise, the BJP when in power, neither emerged as Right of Centre nor did it espouse the cause of Swadeshi... A nation of over a billion people is ruled by absolute adhocism...
In essence, India suffers from a lack of critical thinking on several key issues of national importance.]

[Shine the light in your mind: Arun Shourie and the BJP
by Kannon - Being denied the right to voice his
concerns and points in the BJP national executive, Arun Shourie was forced to make his voice heard through the print media where he has written a series of 4 articles in the Indian express]

[Party politics is the most meritocratic profession of all in democracies. The partyless wonders Shekhar Gupta indian express: Saturday, May 02, 2009 ...the notion that you can invent a new politics where independents displace parties is not only fanciful, it is also undemocratic. The essence of parliamentary democracy is the party system. All democracies are built around competing parties, ideologies, mass leaders, manifestos. Imagine a Parliament of 543 individuals, or where even 10 per cent of the members have no party affiliation. Imagine the incoherence, the sheer anarchy.]

[IS THE PRESIDENT A PARTY LEADER? July 28, 1886, Wednesday
A "Member of Congress" writes to the Herald deploring the fact that the Democrats in Conngress and the President are not more in harmony, and setting forth his conception of the duty of the Chief Executive. That duty is pretty clearly defined in a document known as the Constitution of the United States, and the framers of that instrument ... Ho thinks that the President should while in office be a great party leader, and he should make it his business to harmonize the party by hobnobbing with ...]

Sub-prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh will be remembered for turning the Constitution of India into a tome of worthless provisions. [TNM]

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