Friday, July 24, 2009

A political epistemology of interdisciplinarity

[ “It’s development, stupid !” or: How to Modernize Modernization by Bruno Latour
Debashish on July 23, 2009 04:26PM (PDT) Science, Culture and Integral Yoga Bruno Latour (1947-) is Professor and vice-president for research at the Institut d'études Politiques de Paris. Latour is a leading and very influential anthropologist of Modernity whose major contribution may be called holistic politcal epistemology. This, for Latour, is not a form of idealism, but what, following William James, he calls "radical empiricism." Latour is (in)famous for his pronouncement "We have never been modern." By this he means that the overarching hubris of modernity for human autonomy and mastery is a sub-narrative in a larger embeddedness in holistic properties which is only beginning to make its imperative critical demands on human attention. This emergence depends on the recognition of a change of telos and and a political epistemology of interdisciplinarity which takes humanity beyond itself into the fullness of global embodiment. In this essay, he reflects on environmentalism, society, technology and theology. - db more » Leave Comment Permanent Link]

[An informed critique of modernity and its discontents, of neo-liberalism, neo-colonialism, technology and culture, globalization or post-national capitalism, patriarchies, superpower politics and ecological imbalance in the light of the revolutionary vision and teaching of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and the power to offer and shape solutions to the critical evolutionary crisis of our times is not much in evidence among the alumni of this institute. Science, Culture and Integral Yoga by Debashish on Mon 20 Jul 2009 09:00 AM PDT Permanent Link SRI AUROBINDO’S INTEGRAL EDUCATION IN CONTEMPORARY HIGHER EDUCATION Debashish Banerji] [Life Divine Colloquia via Skype SCIY Home of Debashish Banerji]

[Towards the Ideal Society: India and Europe: The Lesson of Antiquity and the Middle Ages—by Paulette
Mirror of Tomorrow Fri 24 Jul 2009 04:31 AM IST
Permanent Link Cosmos And this is where Sri Aurobindo departs from the vision of the German historian K Lamprecht (1856-1915), from whom he had borrowed the postulate of the historical cycles of society, but also from Marx, whose ultimate vision is anarchy: no State, no police, no social classes, no family etc. True, Marx foresaw that this may happen without the need for any outward revolution, believing that capitalism will collapse destroyed by its own intrinsic contradictions. We seem indeed to be getting close to that fatal point. But what Marx failed to point out was that only a profound change from within can free humanity from greed, ambition, ruthless struggle for power and inhuman exploitation. Unless this radical change takes place all attempts to change society, by whatever means and political system, are doomed to fail.]

Primacy of politics forces on us. [TNM]

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