Thursday, July 16, 2009

Biography is the best genre

[It’s called biography, not “gossip.” A great dead philosopher was a person, not just a disembodied set of arguments, and we want to know what sort of person a philosopher was, just as with a politician, scientist, or inventor. It enriches our sense of the drama of their lives, thoughts, and actions... For my part, I think biography is the best genre there is. Why? Precisely because it shows the emergence of new thinking from some prior state. more on Heideggerians
from Object-Oriented Philosophy by doctorzamalek]

[Because his talks entirely ceased and his correspondence virtually so, there are no first-hand accounts of Sri Aurobindo's sadhana after 1941. Re: A Few Comments Apropos of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo permalink]

Let a hundred biographies bloom. [TNM]

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