Friday, July 24, 2009

Hutchinson should eschew negativism

[Fundamentalism and the Future from Science, Culture and Integral Yoga™ by Rich A two-day conference will be held Friday, September 11 and Saturday September 12 on the topic “Fundamentalism and the Future.” The conference will be at the California Institute of Integral studies in San Francisco, hosted by the Department of Asian and Comparative Religions. Registration is free. For details on the conference, location, and registration, please see Organizers are Debashish Banerji, Rich Carlson, and David Hutchinson.]

[Introduction Bio Data Hutchinson, David
David Hutchinson is a registered nurse at the UC Davis Medical Center, California, where he works in the technology field, implementing a large-scale electronic medical record. He has participated actively in the founding and maintenance of various Integral Yoga online community initiatives, including the Miraura Web site ( and the auroconf discussion group. He served as president of the Sri Aurobindo Association for several years, edited the journal Collaboration, and has hosted two AUM conferences (1998, 2008).]

David Hutchinson, from his deliberations, appears to be a sincere devotee. It is surprising, therefore, why he associates himself with negative activities like organizing this Conference. [TNM]

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