Thursday, July 23, 2009

English is sacred

[Yes, India is one of the great economic stories for the century. Most people agree that it has the potential to grow fast for a very long time, maybe for the next 20 years or so. Its population is young and energetic. And there’s no question that India’s appetite for roads, bridges, ports, schools, hospitals and energy will continue until all Indians have a chance to lead a life of dignity.
It’s also true that there are very few countries that offer India’s blend of democracy, courts, diversity and demographics. By sheer chance, India was colonized by the British and not, say, by the Dutch or the Portuguese. That chance happening made sure that many Indians speak and write English, something that’s useful when English has become the dominant language for science, technology and business.
But that’s the long term story,
Too much, too soon? ET Abheek Barman Tuesday July 21, 2009]

[Supreme Court teaches Karnataka the virtues of English There is bad news for regional language chauvinists. 21 Jul 2009 The court refused on Tuesday to stop private unaided schools in the state from introducing the English language. SC frowns at states' anti-English policy Times of India - ‎Jul 21, 2009‎
the bench told the Karnataka government for its decision to impose Kannada language as a compulsory medium of instructions for Class 1 to 1V.
Kannada: SC says can't ignore English Indian Express Apex court disapproves of Karnataka's language policy SamayLive Language row: SC order a setback to Yeddyurappa govt The Statesman... the Bench observed: “Parents are ready to pay Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000 for getting their children admitted in English medium schools. This is the real state of affairs. They do not want to send them to schools of their mother tongue. It should be left to the parents.” ... “They are unable to get even clerical posts. It is easy to say things. How do we survive in the world?”‎]

That English is receiving support within India at least on economic grounds is a great solace. For Savitri Erans, however, English is sacred. [TNM]

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