Monday, July 20, 2009

Tantalising hint of knowledge

[As NASA marks 40th anniversary of moon landing, it looks toward Mars‎ - It has been exactly 40 years since astronaut Neil Armstrong climbed down a ladder and stirred the powdery surface of the moon. Four days earlier, he had ... BBC NEWS Science & Environment Why go back to the Moon? Forty years on from the Apollo Moon landings, Richard Hollingham assesses the scientific imperative to go back... However, I'm unapologetic in my belief that the primary reason we should go back to the Moon is because, as humans, it's what we do.
We explore, we investigate and ultimately, we establish a foothold... That word "tantalising" is one you'll hear a lot from lunar geologists - although we can see the Moon every night, we still don't know what it's made of and have yet to prove categorically how it got there.]

Hardly anything been so thrilling during the last 40 years. [TNM]

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