Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ambition, greed, intrigue, double-dealing

[Teen Murti: Nostalgia for ivory tower and a question of standards
Mihir S. Sharma, IE Saturday, Jul 18, Why have 57 historians signed a petition calling for the “renewal” of the Nehru Memorial?... The petitions are all addressed to the PM but there’s no doubt of their eventual target. Will it, like so many other cultural institutions, continue to be a Nehru-Gandhi jagir, asks Rukun Advani, handed out to the loyal?That decision will effectively be the UPA chairperson’s (Sonia Gandhi’s).
Next month, as Mukherjee’s term ends, whether she gets an extension — and who replaces her if she doesn’t — will signal who’s won the first round in the UPA’s bitter intellectual family feud.]

[Arun Shourie > Indian Express > IE > Ring out the old, ring in the new Friday 17 July '09 As the circle narrows, animosities within it become sharper. Rivalries become more intense: for now, all that each has to do is to do two or three in, and he has the top job.
How the party withers away Thursday 16 July '09 Surrounded by scheming courtiers, leaders lose touch with reality and the movement’s founding beliefs
The end of ideology Wednesday 15 July '09 How, by slow degrees, parties and leaders fall prey to vested interests...
On the way down Tuesday 14 July '09 Four instances, two questions. Indira Gandhi is able to block the implementation of the Allahabad High Court.]

Drawbacks of the political parties as enumerated by Arun Shourie have many things in common with the reasons of malfunctioning of the Nehru Memorial Museum & Library. Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry too is not free from such organizational infirmities. [TNM]

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