Saturday, July 11, 2009

Clift personality

After fundamentalism the new invective is infantilization. [TNM]


  1. In India there is no social safety net so people pray to the Mother for economic well-being as well. Tonyda should be grateful that his government provides economic security and saves him from having to practice the same infantilism. And also true saints become childlike in nature and innocent of motives but perhaps Tonyda's superior ontology won't be able to swallow such risible formulations.

    Tonyda with his renowned critical thinking skills demonstrates some signs of being in the intermediate zone...

    Tonyda says "You also have not distinguished to exactly who one who is most surrendering to. aka when you say the Mother do you mean the person or the divinity within oneself."

    Sri Aurobindo "Ideas are put forward very aggressively that can be valid to the mind, but are not spiritually valid; yet they are stated as if they were spiritual absolutes. For instance, equality, which in that sense - for yogic samata is a quite different thing - is a mere mental principle, the claim to a sacred independence, the refusal to accept anyone as Guru or the opposition made between the Divine and the human Divine etc., etc. All these ideas are positions that can be taken by the mind and the vital and turned into principles which they try to enforce on the religious or even the spiritual life, but they are not and cannot be spiritual in nature."

    (Letters on Yoga p 1045 experiences of inner and cosmic consciousness)

  2. A clash of egos. TC humbles and mauls Kepler cutting him to size.
    TC to Kepler: "..I would suggest you take up a dictionary and look up the difference between ontology and epistemology..and maybe you'll start to get the picture".
    Then TC targets Mother's divinity...
    TC to Kepler: "Regards the Divine incarnating in human form if you think that one who is skeptical of that is not thinking critically but only spouting opinions....its probably because you are ideologically wedded to surrender to the Mother incarnated as the divine in human form of Mirra Alfassa".
    These are the intellectuals that will save humanity!

  3. tonyda may very well be representing the intermediate species.....I mean the species between the animal and the human. I am sure its the anthropologists more than the Integral Yogis that would be drawn by him and his writings.
    I agree its the clash between the egos.